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The mission of BreakThru Fitness is to provide a comfortable environment, innovative customized exercise regiment, nutritional plan, fitness education, and superior support to our clients to ensure am optimal training environment. Also, BreakThru Fitness is committed to deliver precise sports performance training for elite athletes.




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About Adam 


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences from Tulane University

Associates Degree in Respiratory Care Therapy from Delgado

I've always been interested in fitness. When the opportunity arose to go to Tulane University and study Sports and Exercise Sciences, I jumped on the chance to earn my bachelor's degree and start a new journey in my life. While my history and my first degree was in Respiratory Care Technology from Delgado, I was feeling burnt out with the line of work and it was difficult to deal with the loss of patients in the ICU and emergency wards. It was time for a change. I wanted to help people realize their goals and live more actively.

I tried going to several different gyms, and often saw how people didn't get the results they wanted. They would come into the gym and workout almost daily. Still, they saw little results. The ones who were frustrated enough with the lack of progress who did ask about personal trainers, were met with high prices. It was also noted that many of the personal trainers seemed to give the same watered-down advice to everyone, not specialized for individual needs.

It was at this point I started to seriously invest in the idea of opening up a personal training center to offer private one-on-one and small group training sessions at affordable rates without contracts for just a small monthly fee. I finished my Bachelor's Degree at Tulane and took the ACE Certification Test, one of the best and most difficult certification programs in the area, and started to look for a facility. The Oakwood Corporate Center turned out to be the perfect to start my new business to help regular people achieve attainable goals.





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