Adam Campbell, Jr.

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences from Tulane University
  • Associates Degree in Respiratory Care Therapy from Delgado
  • ACE Certified in Youth Fitness

Fitness has always been my passion, so when the opportunity arose to go to Tulane University and study Sports and Exercise Sciences, I jumped on the chance to earn my Bachelor's degree of Science and start a new journey in my life.

I tried going to several different gyms, and often saw how people didn't get the results they wanted. They would come into the gym and workout daily, still they saw minimal results. The ones who were frustrated enough with the lack of progress and decided to inquire about personal training were met with high prices. It was also noted that many of the personal trainers seemed to give the same watered-down advice to everyone, not focusing on the individual needs.

It was at this point I started to seriously invest in the idea of opening up a personal training studio. My studio would offer a variety of innovated exercises with affordable rates with or without contracts and most important, I wanted to focused on making my clients feel like family.